Orenda (n.)

The Balance of Energy between all things

About Orenda Winery

On August 4, 2018, owners Xander and Samantha were married at Orenda Winery. Orenda’s Head Winemaker Mark Bosso was the officiant and Brian Bartley was the best man. This event was the culmination of some extraordinary life circumstances. Xander and Samantha met salsa dancing 10 years ago, just months before Xander left for the Peace Corps. Together, they maintained a long-distance connection. In the Peace Corps, Xander met Mark and Brian as fellow volunteers, beekeeping trainers, and close friends. With these unlikely beginnings, our group of four friends has come full circle with a commitment to bring Orenda to wine making.

About the label

Where some wines focus on the estate or the winemaker, we believe all credit in the beauty of our wine goes to nature. Therefore, we have stripped away the square white label and introduced a circular image representing the cycle of nature needed to support a wine from grape to glass.

The imagery on our label was produced by Gregory Euclide (https://www.gregoryeuclide.com/), whose art was made world famous for its appearance on Bon Iver’s 2011 Grammy award winning album (https://boniver.org/audio/bon-iver/). Greg’s art is renowned for its connection to our natural world and we were honored to feature his custom art inspired by our winery and our mission to bring orenda to winemaking.

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