Meet the Team

Mark Bosso – Head Winemaker

Mark Bosso has spent the past 15 years making wine across Washington and New Zealand. He has worked under the mentorship of renowned Washington winemaker Erica Orr helping to craft some of the highest-scoring wines in the world.

As Orenda’s head winemaker, Mark’s vision is to create wine in balance with nature and engaging to a new generation of wine consumers. His goal is to meld the perfect balance of French oak with the truest expression of fruit.

Samantha – Owner, Head of Operations

Samantha brings a life of passion for dance, food, and art. A master of Medical Science and a love of flavor and expression, Samantha looks forward to bringing unique flavors to people in a setting that elicits peace and reflection. Working with Head winemaker Mark Bosso, Samantha helps choose grapes and styles that will enhance the flavors of any food and wine combination. In overseeing how wine can be paired with food and experience at our events, Samantha crafts every detail on the property to ensure that Orenda Winery is a powerful and memorable experience to anyone who visits.

Xander Kent – Owner, Beekeeper, Head of Finance

In 2011 Xander came to terms with his fear of bees after he requested to work as a beekeeping trainer while in Africa serving in the Peace Corps. Working to overcome his fears, Xander gained an appreciation for bees’ ability to create balance in nature. Continuing his passion for the environment, Xander went on to get an MBA and Masters of Environmental Management from Duke and has worked in sustainable business for the past 5 years, most recently as a Packaging Sustainability Manger for Amazon. Now supporting Orenda, Xander is humbled to help create a space dedicated to bees, friends, community engagement, and good wine. He hopes people find the same peace and joy from Orenda as he does.

Brian Bartley – Operations Manager

With a decade of nonprofit management/social business experience, Brian helps support Orenda and its mission of community engagement.

A world traveler living abroad for the past 10 years, Brian has led his friends on countless adventures. For instance, Brian has led Xander up an active volcano called “Voice of God Mountain” on the Maasai Steppe and chartered him on a motorcycle journey around Mt. Kilimanjaro.

In Brian’s words around working on a business surrounded by his friends, “The world is a wonderful place and it’s been fantastic to see so many success stories in my short career… Through the highs and the lows the members of Orenda have been the foundation that brings joy to my life.”

Tressa Watanabe – Tasting Room Manager

The Bees

35% of all food you eat is dependent on a bee. Like the mission of Orenda suggests, our bees are outstanding community members bringing pollination to our neighbors’ farms. If you prefer something sweeter than wine, we carry small jars of honey made on the property in our tasting room. Each teaspoon of honey is over 3 thousand flowers pollinated and is the life’s work of 12 bees. Honey, just like wine… is liquid sunshine.

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